This New Best Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa in India 2021

Are you looking for a Vacuum cleaner which helps you to clean your sofa? Well, if yes, then you’re at the right place because in this article we’re going to discuss a product which is considered as one of the Best Vacuum Cleaner for sofa which is specially designed for Sofa cleaning.

So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

Kent Bed and Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa in India 

This product is one of the leading vacuum cleaner products for sofa cleaning.

vacuum cleaner for sofa

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This product is lightweight so you can easily do the cleaning for a long time.

This product is easy to use and attain some exciting features. So, let’s discuss the features of this product to know more about it.


Power:- This is a heavy-duty and powerful product that attains high motor power. The motor power of this product is 450 W.

This will help to provide comparatively high efficiency and strong suction power also.

Suction Pressure:- The suction pressure of this vacuum product is > 2.5 kph. The motor of 450 W attains a high suction power.

This will easily clean the dust from every corner of your Sofa.

UV Disinfection light:- This product consists of UV Disinfection light which helps to keep your sofa bacteria-free.

This light kills bacteria, cysts, and dust mites from your Sofa.

Modes:- You’ll get 3 mode indicators in this product. These 3 indicators are vacuum indicators, UV lamp mode, and rotating agitator.

With the help of these indicators, you can easily clean various types of surfaces with the vacuum cleaner for the sofa.

Cyclonic technology:- This vacuum cleaner for Sofa attains Cyclonic technology which works effectively and collects dust.

This is the latest technology which is now seen in many upcoming vacuum cleaners for sofa.

This technology is specialized in spotlessly cleaning the dust from your sofa.

Dimensions:- This product is small in size which enhances its compatibility. The dimensions of this product are 40 x 22.5 x 33 cm.

Weight:- This vacuum cleaner for a sofa is a lightweight product that is easy to use also. The weight of this vacuum cleaner is 2.34 kgs.

Compatibility:- This vacuum is specialized in Sofa cleaning but it also provides high-quality service on various surfaces like bed sheets, pillows, and blankets, etc.

Verdict:- This product is an awesome product that attains all the features of an ideal vacuum cleaner for a sofa.

You can easily clean a sofa with a lightweight product. The compatible design and powerful suction power make it the best product for sofa cleaning.

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If you liked this product and want to buy then you can buy this product through the link below:-

Buying guide 

If you want to buy the best vacuum cleaner for Sofa then the knowledge of a buying guide is a must thing know.

This will help you compare the quality of the product according to its price.

With the help of a proper buying guide, you can easily get your ideal product on a maintained budget.

All the points which should be taken care of at the time of buying a vacuum sofa are listed below:-


An ideal sofa cleaner must have this quality. So, make sure to check that your selected product is easily portable or not.

This will provide you comfort while listing the cleaner. You can easily clean various places also and can take your vacuum cleaner to many places.

Spare parts

Spare parts are necessary things for every vacuum cleaner because it ensures the long durability of the product so make a check of complete share parts provided by the manufacturer.

Motor and Suction Power

This is also one of the most important things which should be considered while buying a vacuum cleaner for the sofa. The ideal motor and suction of a motor must be at least 400W.

Type of Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners consist of 2 types which are corded or cordless vacuum cleaners.

The power of the cordless vacuum cleaner is comparatively low from the corded vacuum cleaners.

This compatibility of cordless vacuum cleaners is higher but still, the use of corded vacuum cleaners is preferred by most of the customers.


This is also an important measure that should be kept in mind while buying a vacuum cleaner.

Some vacuum cleaners are good in quality but generate huge noise while using.

So, make sure that your selected product doesn’t generate noise at the time of use.

Bagged/Bagless vacuum cleaner 

Don’t forget to check that your selected product is bagged or bagless.

If you want a specialized vacuum cleaner for the sofa then you can go bagless.

But if you want to do heavy work with this vacuum cleaner or want to buy a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner then you can go with a bagged vacuum cleaner.


Dry/Wet Squeezing Brush, Cloth Filter, Sponge Filter, Carry Handle, User Manual, Vacuum Cleaner, Extension Tubes, Hose, Pipe, Floor Cum Carpet Brush, etc.

These are the accessories that are provided by categories of vacuum cleaners.

So, make sure that your selected vacuum cleaner attains the required accessories which are needed.


If a manufacturer provides you the warranty of its product then it is a “+” point which you should consider at the time of buying a vacuum cleaner for a sofa.


Buying the best Vacuum cleaner for Sofa price is also important.

So, don’t spend too much money on a product because you can buy the best product at every price range.


So, here we discussed all the information about the best vacuum cleaner for the sofa.

This Vacuum cleaner for sofa price is also not very high.

If you have a moderate budget then also you can buy it. You can trust this product and make it the best vacuum sofa cleaner for your house.

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